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Slick, modern, sophisticated but yet sassy! 

The suit is made of matte spandex and the front torso is lined with another layer of spandex. The cut out down the front is mesh.

It has a seam at the waist, but no seams down the outside of the legs and no front crotch seam, which all gives this body suit a flattering look and a great shape. These are also made to be pulled down over the back of the heal for an extended leg look, but can also be worn just over the ankle of the boot.

Also, what's awesome about our body suits are that they are made in house by our very own Lisa McKinnon Team, so if you need the legs extra long or the torso extended or no high collar for example, we can do that for you!! We can also make it in pretty much ANY COLOR upon request!

Please note at this time, these are made in house by the Lisa McKinnon Team and made to order. Production time is 4-6 weeks. 




  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash. Hang dry. Iron mesh on low heat.


  • Production time

    Production time is 4-6 weeks.

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